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Birthdate:Mar 18
This is a journal for an OC character.

Bunny wasn't always what she is today. Once upon a time she was a little dark brown rabbit. A sorcerer named Argus who wanted a companion changed that. Apparently it was easier to transform a rabbit into a girl rather than to train a girl to behave the way he wanted her to.

She was a good companion for him. Obedient, quiet, helpful, submissive. As long as she had her Master looking after her she was brave, she could do anything, because if she got in to trouble he would know and would save her.

Then he died, but she had been a human for so long by then that it was permanent. Masterless she is afraid. A lonely little bunny who wants nothing more than to have someone love and protect her again. The catch? She never knew anything but her previous Masters home, and strangers frighten her. But maybe some of that bravery is her own, because even though she's afraid she's finally ventured away from his tower in search of other people.

It's worth noting that despite being human for so long her instincts are still more rabbit-like than anything. It's also worth noting that because her Master provided her with everything she has very little understanding of how the human world actually works.

Mun and Muse both well over 18
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